The first thing you need to decide when you build your blog is what you want to accomplish with it, and what it can do if successful


The Universal Stylus Pen. The respondents are made out of understudies and still have an issue with respect to how they will oversee and do their scholarly errands, particularly since we adjust to the new typical where innovation is growing a course. For the seventh week and the Last week for our blog, we consolidate our learnings from a talk arrangement into our blog. A talk was introduced by Ms. Gamaleila A. Dumancas entitled; The licensed innovation rights and Technology Transfer, and Ms. Rhea Mae D. Cunada, an individual from Musuan Peak Incubator group, shares her bits of knowledge about Commercializing your startup.

The third arrangement talks about a diagram of protected innovation and licensed innovation rights. It features how significant it is putting security to protected innovation. Putting a brand name on your items will make it simple to recognize against other contenders’ items. It likewise causes the item to have a topographical sign. Ms. Gina likewise expressed the various terms of insurance that an item/business may benefit, similar to the Terms of security for TM, which is legitimate for a very long time. Term of Protection for Invention, legitimate for a very long time. Terms of assurance for UM, substantial for a very long time. Terms of Protection for Lay-out, substantial for a very long time. MS. Gena additionally offers significance to copyrights and related rights, which is without a doubt valuable to our items. Ms. Gina referenced that it has a Life + 50 yrs after death security. Ms. Gina additionally talked about licenses, and how to guarantee the item that you make is patentable.

The entirety of this data will altogether help us, Future Innovators. We will realize our privileges to ensure our items and keep away from infringement if at any point we make a startup. As our pointer pen is now accessible to the market, we should simply explore more about the item, notice and make changes to make it more remarkable; the best activity is make a patent hunt to guarantee that our item is patentable.

Ms. Rhea Mae D. Cunada gave the fourth arrangement. Talk about the Musuan Peak Incubator as PEAK represent its objective, P for Product Commercialization, E for Enterprise Development, A for Access to Networks, and K for Knowledge Transfer. Later on, in the event that we figure out how to join the group as an Incubatee, it would be an advantage to be changed into a manageable and fruitful business. Our Universal Stylus Pen as of now has an unmistakable Business Model Canvass, otherwise called BMC. It will be the premise of our item, the outline of our Business. Later on, if at any time given an opportunity, the Business might want to turn into an Incubatee and bridle the abilities of our Business and become a more effective business visionary.

This startup venture is one of the amazing recollections for me during this pandemic time; making a business isn’t simple; I took in a great deal from each speaker who shares their business experiences. The experience that they share before they become effective. Tips and information about how you deal with a business. System and how cooperation is basic in beginning a business. The entirety of this motivates me as a Business Student to learn and concentrate more to prevail later on. Whenever allowed to join a greater amount of this talk arrangement, I would snatch it.



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